A Biographical Sketch

July 22, 2012 at 2:51 am (Uncategorized)

I never knew my Dad’s Dad. When he died I was a month old.

He would be 150 years old now.

I have wanted to know more about him and his life’s journey. I know that he has influneced who I am, even if I don’t quite know how.

I have scoured the available sources to recreate his life. He dwelt here from 1862, during the time of Lincoln and the Civil War, till 1935, Roosevelt’s first term and the deepening days of the so-called Great Depression. He lived on the West Coast of our Country: born in San Francisco, he came of age in the Alaska Territory, and settled down into the business of living in Goldendale, Washington.

I have relied in San Francisco on public records and the City Directory. My major source in Treadwell, Alaska, has been the Douglas Island News, with additional help from Alaska historical records. In Goldendale I have used the reporting of The Goldendale Sentinel, public records like birth, marriage and death certificates, and census reports, as well as the recollections of his children, my father and aunt.

He is not your grandfather; he may be your great grandfather or someday your great, great grandfather. Or then he might just make you think of your own paternal ancestors, those who have helped to make you who you are.

You may read about him my clicking on the page to the right: “Robert Willis: Pillar of the Community.”


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